The Women’s Lawyer has many happy clients who have found justice. Please see some of the kind things they have written about Camilla and her practice of family law below.

‘Thank you so much again Camilla you are the absolute epitome of justice and you need to keep that fire forever. The Womens Lawyer thing is itself infinite power. Well done. Much love. x’
Amit, Harrow

‘I met Camilla through a friend.

She reached out to me after learning that my ex-husband was trying to make a financial claim on my properties purchased over 20 years prior to marriage. At the first phone call with Camilla, which by the way was during the Covid lockdown, she assured me that she could help me to win my case. I was dubious, following two previous instructions to solicitors and realising that I was ill advised and had lost money that I could not afford.

Over the nearly two years, Camilla spoke to me and emailed me several times. She encouraged and supported me and kept saying “we can do this!!, I work very hard at my job, and together we will be able to put an end to this nightmare and you will move on with your life.”

We finally made it into the family court on 17 November 2021 and when I entered the stand, I truly felt like I was fighting for my life. I listened to Camilla opening my case and going forward with questions for my ex-husband and then the penny dropped. She is brilliant at her job!!! The questions she prepared, the evidence we shared, and her expertise shone through over the two days. My ex-husband was awarded a third of his offer and I left the court in tears (of joy).

Camilla gave both myself and my daughter our lives back. We can rest again after 3 years of litigation, stress and anxiety. Although my ex-husband took away a small package, it was insignificant to my freedom, my joy, my happiness, my peace. I have not stopped laughing since.

Camilla, with all my heart I want to thank you for your services. I want to thank you on behalf of my family and friends. I got a result with both yourself and the judge. God bless you both. Words cannot convey my gratitude. I’m still pinching myself!! Take good care and may your business continue to flourish.

I want to say Ladies, she is exactly what you need in your times of challenges. Do not hesitate, this is money well spent.’
JS – Croydon

‘I found Camilla when I was ready to give up with my Financial Remedy case, I had been a litigant in person and on top of that had received some bad advice. As soon as I spoke to Camilla my mind was put at ease; she is extremely knowledgeable, efficient and went totally above and beyond – I felt she genuinely cared about me and my children. My case was not easy but having Camilla’s support throughout gave me the strength to continue. Any responses to questions or information she provided was thoroughly researched, reasoned and totally honest. I would not hesitate in recommending Camilla and I will be forever grateful to her for getting me through this with an outcome better than I had imagined.’
G, Rickmansworth

‘I found Camilla through her website. She responded to my message within an hour via telephone. Her kind and caring nature came across immediately through the conversation and I knew this was the person I wanted to represent me at court. My case was complex and Camilla listened with great care and attention at the first meeting.

I had never been through the legal system on any front nor had I had solicitors/ barristers and all of a sudden I found myself in the position of a litigant in person. However, Camilla’s advice was clear, structured and above all honest. This gave me confidence in trusting her professional judgement.

I can honestly say this is the best decision I made due to the fact I had continuity throughout the entire case (nearly 2 years). Dealing with one person who knew the ins and outs of my case made me feel at ease as a single Mum who had recently given birth. Camilla’s emotional support, love, care, professionalism and advice gave me the courage and strength to carry on in times when I was ready to give up.

Camilla used up to date cases to refer to during my case and understands the law very well. Throughout the entire case, Camilla paid great attention to the smallest of details. She approached the entire case in a professional manner, promptly, efficiently, and with great care.

After 5 hearings, the outcome I desired was reached and this would have been virtually impossible without Camilla.

It is very difficult to find a decent barrister who is honest, trustworthy, hard working, professional and above all who actually cares. Camilla really is a rare gem and I feel privileged to have had such a personal represent me at court and someone who I now consider a close friend.

Camilla, from the bottom of my heart, thank you’
Ummul, Watford

‘After contacting various local lawyers specialising in family law, I was disappointed in the lack of response and interest in my case. Eventually, I was given Camilla’s contact details and as soon as we spoke I knew she was the right person for me. From day one, she was professional, inspiring and caring which is exactly what I needed to persevere through a highly complicated divorce process spanning 2 years.

​Camilla would respond in great depth and detail to any questions I might have within 24hrs, as well as informing me in advance of the next steps of the legal process.

Camilla genuinely cares about her clients and after being with me each step of the way, we achieved the desired result.’
Veena, Watford

‘Hi Camilla, I am so pleased to let you know that I am officially divorced now!!! The decree absolute arrived at the weekend. Thank you for all your help and support through a very difficult time. R. Xxx’

‘Thank you Camilla it took me a while to get there but I did it in the end !!! I am so grateful to you from our very first meeting last April to now because with your advice it gave me the strength to do what I knew I had to do and that initial meeting changed my life. I will never be able to thank you enough xxxxxx’

‘I was a victim of domestic abuse and suffering from complex PTSD as a result of the abuse. With all that entails, I entered the court arena to try and keep my children save and keep my abusive husband away from us. In my naivety, I thought everything will be straightforward and justice will be served. But due to the incompetence of my solicitors, and barristers and judges who cared more about finishing the hearing quickly so they could go home, I ended up with my injunction dismissed without leave to appeal and no direct contact with my children.

Some years later, and almost losing hope of finding a decent solicitor, my friend saw a poster in Tesco Watford about the legal advice clinic that Camilla holds there. So I emailed her and frankly, getting a reply back in the same day was already telling me that she would be someone I could rely on. I had never been a litigant in person before, but Camilla guided me through everything that I needed to do – no question was too silly to ask. From our first meeting, she has always been supportive, informative and very very well prepared. It may sound corny, but sometimes I get so overwhelmed with emotion from reading her position statements because it really shows how much she understands and believes in me and how much of her own heart she has put into it.

I am forever grateful to her for helping me regain a relationship with my children, for being so professional yet caring, for presenting a strong front for me, for making me laugh when things get tense, and for being a friend.

I cannot recommend Camilla enough. She will be behind you 100% if not more, she will be honest with you even if it might not be something you want to hear, but more than that, she will work with you to come up with another solution.’

J, Harrow

‘Camilla’s information was passed on to me by a client who had been in touch with her briefly. The client was very impressed by Camilla’s prompt and thorough response. I passed on Camilla’s details to couple of other clients and each one of them had very positive things to say about her dedication and hard work as well as her genuineness and down to earth attitude. They described her as very supportive. I finally spoke to Camilla and she was very friendly and warm and I very quickly understood what my clients were talking about.

Camilla and I decided to do few workshops to empower women and men who were going through abuse by informing them of their legal rights so that they can help themselves to certain extent without having to pay extortionate solicitor fees, for example how to obtain a non molestation order without going through a solicitor. We had 2 workshops which were very successful and Camilla was very professional and exceeded expectations. She was very informative and engaging and she displayed astounding knowledge about the topics she was presenting. She is obviously very well versed in her field and my clients gained a lot of knowledge and they were truly grateful to her. I would like to add that Camilla carried out both workshops for free and very kindly donated her time and energy and she was very passionate about her subject. As a professional, I am very grateful to Camilla for her warmth, friendliness, compassion and empathy towards my clients, as a lot of them would have been vulnerable and need to be advised properly and honestly by their barrister. She has demonstrated that she cares deeply about her work and her clients and as a professional I have deep respect her for her values, honesty, devotion and hard work. I wish her all the best, she is very trust worthy and she has made very positive contributions to people’s life and I am sure, she will carry on doing so. Keep up the brilliant work you do. All the best Camilla.’
Nasreen Somauroo
Chartered Counselling Psychologist
BSc Hons. in Psychology, MSc Counselling Psychology, Post Msc. Diploma of Science in Counselling Psychology.

‘I just wanted to say thank you so much for being you. Without even knowing it you have been my support over my trying to get out/separation/divorce. You’ve listened, supported and been a friend when you already have so much going on in your own life. It’s been a tough journey but I’ve had amazing support from friends like you. Whether it’s through the entire journey or just a part of it you’ve had a huge impact on my life when I could have hit rock bottom. I will never forget your support ❤ thank you ❤
(p.s it’s official now)’
Tina, Pinner

‘Camilla was the angel sent to me by pure light!

Out of the blue, I came to listen to her on BBC Asian radio network. I have never ever gone onto that channel before. It was a hard time and I was lost in divorce procedures, solicitors fees, and harshness of life. After listening to her, I decided to give her a call; she was very much sympathetic and understood my feelings. Yes, she has fees, but it was discussed after great consideration of my situation/case but above all, your feelings. Other professionals normally notify you of their fees first, Camilla hears your worries first. She approaches your concern, connects with you and motivates you to stay strong when you feel you have lost trust in the legal system, police and everyone else…she gives you that little extra to be able to stand up to your own rights.I have been let down from day one when I voiced out about my non-physical, abusive relationship. However, Camilla stood by me, and we pulled it out at the end. She attended court with me, and gave me all the support I required and above all, helped me make the best decision to move on in life but still fight for what was right till the end.

I highly recommend her; she is not only a lawyer, but a great friend to keep. Love her to bits…’
Novia, Herts

‘I was so delighted to find Camilla to act on my behalf – the minute I spoke to her on the phone I knew that I had struck gold! She is such a lovely person and you know that she cares for you above and beyond the legal knowledge that she is sharing with you. Camilla is so generous with her time providing reams of extra information and insight into a situation. She is extremely efficient, emails and calls are returned promptly and you feel that you are in safe hands. My experience in using Camilla’s legal expertise has been a very good one and I have already recommended her services to two of my colleagues’.
Susan, Bushey

‘It was fortuitous I met Camilla. Being totally naive about the law and underestimating my ex partner’s intentions, I found myself in a complicated ToLATA claim upon my daughter’s and my house. I had already taken advice from two other legal sources who did not see the potential of a ToLATA claim being bought against me, but within half an hour of Camilla reading through my papers she had identified the seriousness of my predicament. Camilla explained, in layman terms, the intricacies and different types of ToLATA which were applicable in my case. She immediately researched similar cases and advised on how best to proceed. Working tirelessly, always available to talk, responding quickly and with her legal knowledge of both family law and ToLATA, the process was so much less painful. Regardless of what we believe in what is right and wrong, the law is a minefield of twists and turns and without informed knowledge of the legal system can be very costly from both personal time and financial aspects. I only wish I had Camilla on board at the outset to advise me.

With Camilla’s guidance and personal reassurance, we put together the necessary information to counter-claim and were finally able to secure a settlement in my favour. My father, a professional businessman, who in his many years of trading and use of the necessary legal system, was very impressed with Camilla’s skill and open approach in dealing with my case. I would, without reservation, recommend Camilla to anyone in the process of a difficult separation. She is like a breath of fresh air in hard times’.
Sue, Tring

‘I met Camilla in 2014 and she helped me with my legal matters with my ex husband. Camilla helped me through a bitter divorce battle over children and money. My ex husband was determined to take my children from me and refusing to deal with financial matters. He protracted all proceedings and was very unreasonable. Camilla was lovely throughout the whole litigation process. She was very calm and spoke very gently to me, him and in court. She was kind and gentle and I felt confident in her presence. She has fantastic legal knowledge and guided me very well through any paperwork and court preparation. She is very approachable and easy to get hold of. Her customer service is amazing and I could always reach her by phone, in person or via email. She is very reliable and got back to me swiftly all the times when I needed her. I would definitely recommend her to all my friends, family and any woman in need’.
Michelle, Hemel Hempstead

‘I’m writing this to give my reasons as to why I feel Camila deserves the award she has been nominated for. I first heard of Camilla purely by chance. It was 9 years after I had been assaulted by my 2nd husband. I was still technically married as he had left me with an enormous amount of debt and I could not afford any kind of legal help. I had limped along for 9 years doing what I could to clear the debts but couldn’t really see any way forward and had resigned myself to the fact that this was my life for many years to come.Then came a chance meeting with a lady who was in a similar position to me but who said she had a wonderful lady called Camilla who was helping her. I asked for Camilla’s details and arranged a meeting with her. I wasn’t actually getting my hopes up as I had been here many times before only to discover that there was nothing anyone could do to help me. Over the years I’d tried using pro bono solicitors, written to my local MP and even to the Prime Minister to try and see if there was anyone that could help people in my position but it was always a big resounding NO!

Anyway I had a meeting with Camilla and we discussed a way forward. The time passed quickly and it wasn’t until I was on my way home that I realised we had actually been talking for several hours, but I came out of that meeting on a real high actually believing that I might finally be able to get my life sorted. For the first time in over 9 years I could see a little glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. In order to keep my costs down Camilla suggested that I deal with the divorce and she would help sort out the deeds to my property. Some 2 years later I finally got my divorce and the house deeds were finally in my name. Quite simply my life has been transformed and I am a completely different person to the one I was and I owe it all to Camilla. So, you may be wondering why this makes Camilla so special! Surely she was only providing a service that I was paying her for. Well nothing could be further from the truth. When I started the divorce petition I found so many things I didn’t quite understand. I was nervous and scared I might make a mistake that would get me in trouble with the Court. Throughout it all Camilla was quite simply wonderful. She not only filled me with confidence and made me believe in myself for the first time in many years she also had the patience of a saint, never once complaining about the numerous emails I sent her, and believe me I sent her hundreds. (Could she confirm this, was that right, could she check this etc etc etc) At one point she even rewrote an entire section for me and she never once complained or said Viv this is not what your paying me for, or even ask for more money. When the time came for me to go to Court for the divorce I was a bag of nerves but Camilla was there for me, and again she kept me calm and filled me with confidence explaining what was happening and what was going to happen, again I had not paid her for this. It would have been a fantastic thing for her to do if she had done this only once but she actually did this a further 3 times. I never had to ask her to come with me she made it clear it was a done deal and she would be there for me.

Just after my divorce was finalised I went to help Camilla at a branch of Tesco’s where she was offering help and advice to people who needed it but who like me couldn’t afford it. Although she primarily wanted to help women, I saw her take the time to also talk to men who needed advice, no one was excluded if they needed her. I couldn’t help but admire this lady so much, here she was giving up so much of her time to help others when she herself was a single mother struggling to raise two young sons of her own. I saw that she wasn’t just giving advice whilst she was there but she was making notes and then getting back to people later. She sacrifices so much of her time to help others.

So to sum up, Camilla is a dedicated, intelligent, caring, selfless, inspiring, committed, exceptional, hard working wonderful woman who helps so many people in so many ways. She instils confidence in you and makes you believe in yourself, she genuinely cares. My life and so many other peoples lives would be so different without her. I can think of no one who deserves an award more than her and I hope she is finally recognised for the way she has helped so many people’.
Vivienne, Cambs

‘I would just like to say how helpful Camilla has been through this difficult time for myself, she has been there when I needed advice and explained everything so that I can understand it all properly, with regards to all the legal documentation and process. I am very grateful’.
Yvette, Watford

‘I got to know Camilla in April 2015 as I needed legal advice while going through a very complex litigation in a family court. Having been previously advised by numerous solicitors I found her the most committed and reliable. She was always there for me giving structured and clear advice and support. I could call/email her any time I needed her help and she would always reply with immediate effect. I trusted her and she listened to me and would offer not only legal advice and guidance but much needed emotional support. Camilla knows the law very well and often supports her knowledge with recent cases that I also used in my litigation. The final hearing went in my and the children’s favour. She pays attention to the smallest detail and without her help and support I might not have got such a good outcome. She acted at my 4 days final hearing and the Honour Judge Wright had nothing but approval and compliments for her work and commitment. I could not do it without her. Thank you so much’.
Gina, Watford

‘Camilla was recommended to me at a time when I was in the midst of a divorce and my husband was taking me to court to settle the finances. He was well aware I could not afford the spiralling solicitors fees and was using his superior income to force me to settle for less than half our joint assets despite having been married for 28 years. I was supporting our two children, one in full time education and paying all the household bills. I felt overwhelmed by the process and the very uncertain future. At our first meeting Camilla not only gave me sound legal advice but emotional support. Following that meeting I slept through the night for first time in over a year. I became a litigant in person and Camilla supported me through the whole process even calling me on my way to court for the hearing. Together we did my statement and all the necessary paperwork and preparation. Camilla helped me identify the strengths and weaknesses of my case and focus on the future and meeting my family’s needs. I was able to text day or night and always received a quick reply even over the Christmas period. I also received texts providing much needed support and encouragement. Camilla reassured me my requests were fair despite the bombardment of correspondence from the other side suggesting the opposite. The judge agreed that what I had asked for was reasonable and awarded in my favour. My husband’s legal bill came to £30000. Without Camilla I would have been able to afford to fight for what was fair’.
Lindsay, Amersham

‘Camilla is and has been an amazing support to us during this stressful difficult time. My children and I are trying to move back home to my homeland Scotland. Camilla has a holistic approach and her care shines through in everything that she’s done to help us; knowing everything that we are going through and how to cope with it all. My children and myself were in a domestic violence situation with a very manipulative, cold ruthless man, who stops at nothing to all have full control over our lives, be it emotional, physical, mental and financial; right down to the schools that the children should attend and the house that we should specifically live in. The court process has and is long, harrowing. and traumatic for all of us; desperate at times, devastating with shocking, on the moment decisions made in ‘ the system’, with courts not seeing the consequences of those orders/actions on us as a family. Camilla had been and is there for us, every second of every moment; in emails, in meetings, in court, at home, emotionally, and on the other end of the phone whilst balancing her own family’s needs. Camilla is my support in court. She knows the law inside out and in the finest of details. She reassures us that she is here, truly knowing how we are feeling. She has explained every detail of the law applying to our situation, the process; and keeps me calm, with her expertise and caring nature. Camilla has helped me find inner strength that I did not know that I had.

I could not have done this without her. Thank you Camilla’.
Kay, Bushey

‘I was fortunate to contact Camilla via her surgery at my local Tesco. Having dealt with lawyers in the past and been dissatisfied, it was refreshing to meet someone whose experience and professionalism far outweighs their youth. Camilla is friendly and approachable while maintaining boundaries. She was able to support me with my issue and to look at the bigger picture and advise on the effect on the whole family. I would definitely engage her services again should I need to in the future. I have every intention of recommending Camilla to friends and family.’
Dawn, Oxhey

‘I first came across Camilla’s Women’s Lawyer’s services, after seeing a poster in the Watford branch of Tesco. From the first point of contact Camilla has been outstanding, after having previous unsuccessful advice and help from solicitors and other advisors, I didn’t know which way to turn. Camilla put me at ease, gave me detailed advice and information, was very warming and friendly and nothing is too much trouble, Camilla is always there at the end of the phone, whenever I need her. Her business concept is an amazing idea, for any women in a vulnerable position, due to lack of legal aid and advice from solicitors holding a hefty price tag. Camilla’s experience and extensive knowledge of the system is second to none, I made the right decision for Camilla to represent me and I would have no hesitation in recommending Camilla’s services to anyone’.
Joanne, Pinner

‘Camilla was amazing in handling my divorce. Always very calm, friendly, reassuring and very professional, working at speed. From the very beginning Camilla put me at ease and explained the process to me and was more than happy to clarify anything I didn’t understand. It has been without doubt, the most difficult time of my life, but Camilla showed great understanding and gave me reassurance and hope when I needed it. Camilla was always at the other end of the phone to answer any questions with practical advice and always kept me informed every step of the way during the process, with very quick and prompt responses. Camilla helped and enabled my children and I to move forward with our lives and I would have no hesitation in recommending her’.
Adele, Bushey