The Women’s Lawyer: Legal advice, guidance and support to those most in need

Camilla Choudhury-Khawaja

Becoming the Women’s Lawyer had been my goal for several years. With the changes to legal aid entitlement in 2012, I decided to offer legal advice, guidance and support to those most in need thereby providing a unique service where each and every client felt their care was paramount.

I was Called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1998 by The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn, I hold a current practising certificate with dual capacity as a Barrister in both self employed practice on a Direct Access basis and within employed practice within Raphael Law Solicitors as their in house counsel.

The decision to assist women came from a study of the impact of the legal aid cuts and the realisation the cuts have affected women the most. I also run a general practice within which I help both men and women and conduct all reserved legal activities, including representation in court. I am also a door tenant within Quartz Barristers Chambers within which I specialise in matrimonial finance.

Camilla does not conduct reserved legal activity through The Women’s Lawyer, for legal advice and representation please contact Camilla via her general practice at



Camilla really is a rare gem and I feel privileged to have had such a personal represent me at court and someone who I now consider a close friend.



I would just like to say how helpful Camilla has been through this difficult time for myself, she has been there when I needed advice and explained everything so that I can understand it all properly. 



Thank you so much again Camilla you are the absolute epitome of justice and you need to keep that fire forever. The Womens Lawyer thing is itself infinite power.

Free Family Law Advice

Camilla contributes on a pro bono basis to the award winning family law clinic at the University of Hertfordshire which has won two awards at the LawWorks Attorney General Pro Bono Awards 2020.

Camilla will be in ASDA on a quarterly basis throughout the year with Dean Russell MP offering advice on a pro bono basis.

Areas of Legal Advice

Camilla advises on Family Law, Cohabitational Breakdown and Divorce, Money and Property and Islamic Law.