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Should you require legal advice with regards to a differing civil law matter, please contact me and I will try to help.

Working in a way that best suits you

I can meet with you for an initial half hour at no cost, at a time and location convenient to you. I can then advise you on the costs involved before any work is undertaken. Each and every case differs and therefore I suggest this initial meeting (which can also be conducted by phone) prior to providing you with details of my fees which are deliberately kept at an affordable rate in line with the ethos of my practice, in bringing access to justice to those whom would otherwise be unable to access the same.

So as to keep costs down I aim to support women by advising and guiding them through their specific legal issues by way of having a legal expert on side. Where necessary, the actual application/claim/petition is submitted by the client herself (as a litigant in person). All courts recognise the right of parties to represent themselves in a case involving them, however being aware of the common pitfalls and difficulties faced by those whom are unfamiliar with the court system I will endeavour to cover every aspect of the procedure and explain the relevant laws to you. By way of example, looking at financial remedy post divorce, we have a jurisdiction that recognises that every family is different and, accordingly, has given the courts a wide discretion when dealing with financial remedy following divorce. The court is mandated to achieve ‘fairness’ between the parties both with respect to capital settlements and with respect to payments of maintenance. This cannot always be achieved with a set formula or easy definitions of what are matrimonial assets hence the need for the guidance and advice which I can provide.

To find out more and discuss any questions you might have please contact me.