Camilla Choudhury-Khawaja
Camilla Choudhury-Khawaja LL.B (Hons) LL.M BVC Year of Call 1998, Barrister of the Bar of England and Wales

Becoming the Women’s Lawyer had been my goal for several years. With the recent changes to legal aid entitlement, which affect women in the main, I decided in October 2012, it was time to offer legal advice, guidance and support to those most in need thereby providing a unique service where each and every client felt their care was paramount.

I was Called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1998 by The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn, after graduating with a Masters in International and Comparative Law. I began lecturing Law at University College London in 1999 and continued my academic career for a further sixteen years at the Universities of London and Westminster. I hold a current practising certificate with dual capacity as a Barrister in both self employed practice on a Direct Access basis and within employed practice within a local firm of solicitors, as their in house counsel.

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With eighteen years plus experience of lecturing and advising clients on varying areas of law I set up the legal consultancy, The Women’s Lawyer (TWL), with the fundamental aim of assisting women with an affordable and approachable service with a focus upon divorce and relationship breakdown . Speaking from both personal and professional experience, I am in a position to help those whom may otherwise not seek the advice or guidance of a lawyer. The decision to assist women came from a study of the impact of the legal aid cuts and the realisation the cuts have effected women the most. I also run a general practice within which I assist both men and women and conduct all reserved legal activities, including representation in court. I am also a door tenant within Quartz Barristers Chambers within which I specialise in matrimonial finance.

Due to the success of my efforts with The Women’s Lawyer I am now able to commit to my practice of family law on a full time basis.

I write blogs for Halsburys Law Exchange and The Huffington Post on both professional and personal issues important to me, I also regularly contribute to BBC Radio 4 and BBC Three Counties Radio. I am a member of The Family Law Bar Association and The Association of Women Barristers, further I am supported by organisations such as Only Mums, Only Dads and have been featured, particularly on my pro bono efforts within Tesco, in both the LexisNexis Future of Law blog and The Law Society Gazette. I am also very much supported by Dean Russell MP for Watford and by the Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor; further my practice as The Women’s Lawyer has been listed as a business in the best of Watford and I am the 2015 winner of the Rising Star Award, from the Society of Asian Lawyers and the 2016 winner of the Best Business Woman In Legal Services Award.

It is my genuine belief with the right guidance and awareness women can avoid numerous problems with their husband/partner. In this regard, I shall be giving a series of lectures designed to equip women with the legal know how in dealing with varying family law matters from cohabitation, divorce and financial rights. I will also be writing a series of books addressing all the above areas, using actual case studies; which it is my hope will educate an even wider audience thereby bringing much needed knowledge and therefore power to those most in need.

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Money Box Live: Divorce and Relationship Breakdown. 8th Nov 2017

Camilla is a guest on this episode of BBC Radio 4’s Money Box Live on how litigants in person must navigate the process of divorce and related matters, often without legal support.

Society Of Asian Lawyers, Rising Star Award 2015:


Camilla Choudhury With SAL 2015 Judges Camilla Choudhury Receiving SAL Rising Star Award 2015

Society of Asian Lawyers, winner of Rising Star Award 2015 in recognition of my pro bono efforts, with thanks to the judging panel His Honour Judge Pegden, District Judge Sunita Mason CBE (pictured on the left) and District Judge Tanweer Ikram. Pictured on the right with Jo Sidhu QC, President of the Society of Asian Lawyers and Nabeel Sheikh, Senior Partner, Neumans LLP.

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